Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does Dash Camera Nation only offer one camera?

Answer:  We feature the G1W series car dash camera EXCLUSIVELY because it has proven to offer the very BEST VALUE based on price versus performance.

Through our extensive testing and evaluation process we have determined that the G1WH is the highest rated best performing and most cost efficient car Dash Camera on the market today.   We are so happy with this unit that at this time the G1WH is the only Dash Cam that we will feature at Dash Camera Nation.  We continue to bring in and test "other" DashCams and may add others to our offering if they are able to compare to the quality and value that the current G1WH can provide.

If you feel there is a car Dash Cam on the market that offers MORE in the way of performance AND price, give us a shout!  We will test it and consider adding it to our Dash Cam lineup!

Question:  How does the car Dash Camera store the video?

Answer: You will need to purchase a microSDHC card so to store video captured by the Dash Camera.

The G1W car DashCam does not have native internal storage, so like many electronic devices today you can maximize the video storage capacity of this Dash Cam by purchasing a microSD card (up to 32GB).  This microSD card will allow you to capture HOURS of video and can be easily removed to download and share the AMAZING things you will encounter and capture by your Dash Camera on a daily basis.

Question: Is there a make and model of microSDHC card you recommend for the G1WH Dash Cam?

Answer: Yes, we recommend purchasing a microSDHC Card that is no larger than 32gb, is class 4 or 6 and comes with an SDCard adapter.

The fact is that not all memory is created equally and quality can vary from one manufacturer to the next.  And it is not always true that the memory that costs the most also is of the highest quality.  We would strongly recommend purchasing the memory we offer on this site.  The reason being is that the memory modules we offer are guaranteed to be compatible with your Dash Cam.  The memory will come to you tested, formatted and installed in your camera.  Because we test every DashCam that leaves our facility you can have the assurance of knowing that the camera/memory combination you are receiving is compatible and is ready to record right out of the box.

Question: What is the warranty period for your G1WH Dash Camera?

Answer: We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 24-Month standard warranty on your G1WH car Dash Camera.

Dash Camera Nation is built on customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals and that is dependant on keeping YOU our customer HAPPY.  We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your experience or with our product "out of the box."   

We also stand behind the overall quality of this product.  We offer a standard 24-month product warranty that will cover the camera in the event that you have a technical issue.

If you have additional questons that you would like us to address please do so using the comment form below.  Thank you for your questions!