About Us

Dash Camera Nation was established so to provide the car traveling community of this great country the ability to capture a video record of the various incidents, accidents and incredible occurrences that are encountered on our roads every day.  

This video record not only protects you, your family, your passengers and your property.  But it can also be used to capture those "close calls" which create a chain reaction of circumstance for which it is critical to have the unbiased eye of the video camera to aid in your defense or to substantiate a claim. 

The inspiration for Dash Camera Nation came from my numerous days spent traveling on the roads, highways, thruways and interstates of this great country.  Over the course of my many years as a "road warrior" I have been witness to many situations so incredible that I wished I had an "eyewitness" so to share in my story.

Since installing my car Dash Cam I have found the greatest benefit is, that I am confident and relieved to know, that no matter what the circumstance or situation I am faced with or involved in the video will tell the WHOLE STORY so that I never have to say a word.

My sincere hope is that you will find that same level of comfort and confidence after installing your car Dash Cam too.  We look forward to welcoming you into our growing Dash Camera Nation!

Safe travels,