Dual Channel HD Dash Camera - Identifying the distracted driver behind you

Published by Robert S. on Jan 12th 2016


There are roughly 1.7 Million rear end collisions in the US every year.  Of those 1.7 Million rear end collisions 10% are fatal.  Many are attributing the rise of accidents of the "rear end" variety to the growing number of distracted drivers due to cell phones and texting.  We have been hearing from growing members of our Dash Camera Nation that they would like the ability to view the driver behind them so to protect themselves from those individuals who drive while distracted.  Even Warren Buffett in a recent Wall Street Journal Article commented on the growing rise of driving fatalities due to what he believes is the distracted driver.

So, to answer the call of the growing DashCameraNation, we recently began testing a Dual Channel (front/rear) HD Dash Camera.  The camera is full 1080p via the front camera and features 720p video capture via the rear-view window mounted camera.

We are finding it be a very nice set up as you can select (via the menu button on the camera) the views you want to receive on the front windshield mounted cameras LCD.  So you can select "all front view", "all back view" or "front and back view (2/3 of LCD is dedicated to front view and 1/3 back view).

Here is a sample video of the LCD view when in "front and back" view. 

Our testing is finding this dual channel dash cam to be very effective in identifying distracted drivers as they approach from the rear.  If the camera continues to test well it is something we will be adding to our line up of Dash Cams.

If all continues to go well, we are hoping to have this camera available for sale by the time the Buffalo Auto Show 2016 comes to town February 11th through the 14th.

We thank you very much for your feedback, your suggestions and your continued support of the growing Dash Camera Nation.

Safe travels,