Tech Times Ranks G1WH "Best" Dash Cam

Published by Robert S. on Jan 9th 2016


Tech Times has recently ranked the G1WH Dash Camera as one of the "Best Dash Cameras" on the market today.

We are happy to see that dash cams have gained enough mind share that some of the top tech sites on the web are performing independent tests and providing their recommendations. At Dash Camera Nation, we agree with Tech TimesDash Cam TalkPopular Mechanics and many others that there is no better value in the way of price vs. performance than the G1WH dash cam.

It is our testing as well as the testing of the leading companies in this industry that provide us with the confidence in this product and the manufacturer we have partnered with for the G1WH. Having this trust in the product allows Dash Camera Nation the ability to provide an industry leading 18-Month Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

There are so many examples in the news today of how a simple dash camera would end any argument and concern regarding an eye witness account of an event or incident. It is for this reason that we wish to grow the “nation” of dash camera users. By keeping the cost of the camera down and the quality of the camera and captured video high we hope to provide a value to the community at large.

We hope that you review these reports and decide to join the growing number of members of the Dash Camera Nation by choosing a dash camera to protect you, your family, your driving record and the community.

Safe travels,